In J.E.P. Pinto Notary Public we provide a full range of public notary services for private and commercial clients, including legal translations and bilingual notarial documents. This London based Notary Public has Spanish Digital Certificate to execute spanish conveyancings for British clients with properties in Spain alongside any other Spanish company transactions. We are the first English Notary to have a digital certificate for Spanish transactions and fully operational since 05/04/2013. That means that we are able to register Deeds before Spanish (Land and Mercantile) Registries the same day of signature and without apostille thanks to the digital certificate. (NEW)

Our main aim is to make processes become as transparent as possible, helping our clients to overcome the difficulties of dealing with other legal systems (sometimes unfamiliar and also in a foreign language).

Most common notarial services we carry out are:

Although we are specialised on the above legal and language combinations, we also work with other languages like Chinese, Greek, Latin or Russian.

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